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AIPS is a haven for holistic learning, carried out under the supervision of mentors who are masters of their respective fields. What makes this institution truly capable is the rooting-in of firm values and clear aims for the future.

Operating Principles



Educational leaders must guide their school through the challenges posed by an increasingly complex environment. AIPS has a broad leadership team, including: the co-founder and his team, a head of school, a headmistress, a chief administrative officer, a director of teaching and learning, a curriculum coordinator and project consultants.



Mentors are the heart of the AIPS. Developing the teaching talent and incentivizing best mentors, retaining good mentors are all significant to improving the quality of teaching. AIPS plans to align the rewards of teaching more closely with the values it brings to society. The comprehensive, multi-step selection process of our mentors ensures that only the finest people are part of the AIPS.

Adv. Karamvir Dhankhar
L.L.B, L.L.M ( University of London ) - Director

Education teaches us how to live life properly. In true sense, education is the only firm aadhar(foundation) on which successful and meaningful life rests. It is very painful to say that even today our youth is directionless, lacks of proper guidance and environment is the root cause of this situation. Every mind has the capabilities to do the miracles, provided required environment is made available.

Aadhar International Public School has been established to provide this environment and guidance to the young minds, so that they can be introduced to their real capabilities. However, nothing can be perfect, the moment we start thinking that we are perfect, progress stops at that very moment. Hence Aadhar International Public School always strive and keep on putting in all efforts toward betterment and welcomes suggestions so that progress of our next generations never stops.

Ms. Seema
(M.A, M.Phil, B.ED, M.ED) - Principal

Swami Vivekananda has said, “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet.” These words of Swami Vivekananda represent the true objectives of education.

We at Aadhar International Public school(AIPS) aims to achieve these objectives. Our curriculum and extra-curricular activities polishes the hidden skills of children and guides them towards perfection so that they can become successful and ideal citizens of tomorrow. We are thankful to all those who have assisted, are assisting and will assist us in our mission of making quality education accessible and affordable to all.


Mentors who bring
forth a world of

At the AIPS, there are no teachers instead, there are mentors. Because teachers only teach whereas mentors mould. Mentors not just impart knowledge, but also shape the outlook and persona of a student. Be it academics, sports, performing arts or other kinds of art, it is the mentors who identify, nurture and encourage talent.

For that reason, the selection procedure of mentors at the AIPS is more stringent than most schools and entails multiple rounds of interviews with the founders, reputed academicians and demonstration classes to showcase the prospective mentor’s skills.

Once with the AIPS, mentors undergo regular training sessions to keep them abreast of the developments in the field of education, technology, internet platforms, learning aids and presentation platforms. Instead of standard tests, the mentors are trained in evaluating students differently, based on the diverse ways of absorbing knowledge. While some learn from listening alone, others do better with audio-visual aids and some by performing the task first-hand. At the AIPS, it’s called the Real Mentor Program.

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